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Welcome to MJS Adventures! Whether you hunt, fish, or need help managing your property, MJS Adventures can help you become successful in your endeavors.  Founded in 2006, our company is young, however our experience spans decades.  Our commitment to excellence is unprecedented.  MJS Adventures is driven by our passion for the outdoors. We hope we can fuel your passion too!
     Mike Shrauger, owner of MJS Adventures, learned to hunt following in his fathers footsteps, while hunting in the forests of northern Michigan.
     At a young age Mike's father also taught him how to fish.  Mike has been featured in numerous TV shows, magazines and publications.  Mike spent 6 years on the tournament trail as a sponsored Pro angler earning the respect of his peers.
     When it comes to the outdoors, Mike's greatest assets is his incredible work ethic, drive and determination to be "on game."
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